as written by Arthur R. Mandeville

The following information about the Waite Family was taken from a notebook found at the Wyoming Historical and Geological Society, 49 South Franklin Street, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18701. ("Geological" in its title is the correct word.)

Arthur R. Mandeville lived in Cinnaminson, NJ and it was his wish that his genealogy records would be donated to the above society at his death.

Mr. Mandeville included information about the Wolcott, Bronson, Griswold, Sprage, Lay, Tubbs, Waite and Mandeville families in this portion of his notebook. In addition, he drew a chart of these families.

This information was taken by Betty Lichty who may be reached by e-mail at if any reader has comments, additions or corrections to this information which should be added to this Web Page.

Numbering system: If no other information is available on a person, he/she has an alphabetical letter.
If there is additional information about a person, such as spouse and children, a number is used with his/her descent shown in brackets ([]'s).

Mary Bronson (21 Mar 1680-7 May 1711), daughter of Abraham Brunson and Ann Griswold, married Thomas Waite at Lyme, CT in 1704. Thomas was a descendant of Richard Waite who came to Watertown, MA from England before 1637.

The first settlers by the name of Waite in New England were: Richard, Gamaliel, and Thomas of Boston; Richard of Watertown; Thomas of Ipswich; Benjamin of Hatfield; John of Windsor, CT and George of Providence, RI. This first came before 1640. All claimed (source: "Boston and Western Massachusetts" by Cutler, see below) descent from Ricardus Le Wayte (the name has been spelled Waite, Wait, Wayt, Wayte, Waight, and Weight) of the County of Warwick, who was Escheater of the coutines of Berksire, Wilts, Oxford, Bedford, and Bucks in 1315, and was a direct lineal descendant of Ralf, whose wife was Emma, sister of Roger, Earl of Hereford, and cousin of William the Conqueror.

Data on Richard Waite and family (the only Waite listed in Watertown) is recorded in the book, "Watertown, Massachusetts" by Henry Bond, p. 617. He was a freeman and received a grant of land in 1637. Thomas and John Rogers are also listed and received grants.

Baptismal records of his children--Stephen, John, and Thomas--are in Volume 7 of the New England Historical Genealogical Register.

Tradition says that Thomas Waite (which one??) was a member of Parliament and was one of the Judges who signed the warrant for the execution of Charles I.


1. Richard Waite of Watertown, about 1608 in England-16 Jan 1668 at    
Watertown, MA  married Mary ____, 1608 in England-21 Jan 1679 at    
Watertown, MA, and had the following children:
      a. Stephen Waite [Richard-1], 28 Feb 1638-8 Mar 1638
      b. John Waite [Richard-1], 6 May 1639-24 Jun 1722, m 13 Jan 1663 
         Mary Woodward
      2. Thomas Waite [Richard-1], 3 Mar 1640/1641 at Watertown, MA-3 Jan 
         1722/1723 at Weston, MA.
      c. Joseph Waite [Richard-1] m 1675 Ruhmah Hagar 

Thomas Waite [Richard-1] 2. Thomas Waite [Richard-1] m Sarah Cutler, about 1653/1654 at Watertown, MA-17 Jan 1743/1744 at Weston, MA. Sarah Cutler was the daughter of James Cutler and Mary_____. Their children were: a. Richard Waite [Richard-1, Thomas-2], 7 Mar 1674-5 1690 b. Phebe Waite [Richard-1, Thomas-2], 26 Jul 1676-? 3. Thomas Waite [Richard-1, Thomas-2], 7 Mar 1677-27 Jun 1725 c. John Waite [Richard-1, Thomas-2], 16 Feb 1680-24 Aug 1691 d. Joseph Waite [Richard-1, Thomas-2], 14 Feb 1682-5 Oct 1753 e. Sarah Waite [Richard-1, Thomas-2], 13 Jan 1687-? m 14 Aug 1712 Ebenezer Allen f. Mary Waite [Richard-1, Thomas-2], 20 Jan 1689-? g. Abigail Waite [Richard-1, Thomas-2], 2 Dec 1697-? m 18 Sept 1718 Solomon Temple h. Richard Waite [Richard-1, Thomas-2], 25 Jun 1691-?


Thomas Waite [Richard-1, Thomas-2]
3. Thomas Waite [Richard-1, Thomas-2] m Mary Brunson, 21 Mar 1680-7 May 1731. Thomas Waite may have gone to Sudbury and lived there before moving to Lyme, CT early in the 18th century. I (note: this is written by Arthur Mandeville) do not know whether he married Mary Brunson before leaving Sudbury or not, but probably not, because the Brunson family had lived in Lyme many years previously. Probably all the children were born in Lyme.


The children of Thomas Waite and Mary Brunson are:
      a. Sarah Waite [Richard-1, Thomas-2, Thomas-3], 9 Jun 1705-9 Jul 1718
         Sarah was unmarried.
      b. Thomas Waite [Richard-1, Thomas-2, Thomas-3], 9 Oct 1706-19 
         Mar 1779 m Elizabeth Lewis          
      c. John Waite [Richard-1, Thomas-2, Thomas-3], 1 Dec 1707-3 Jul 
         1730.  John was unmarried.
      d. Joseph Waite [Richard-1, Thomas-2, Thomas-3], 1709-1713  Joseph 
         was unmarried.
      e. Richard Waite [Richard-1, Thomas-2, Thomas-3], 11 Jun 1711-1780 
         m first Elizabeth Marvin m second Rebecca Higgins, 1711-1780
      f. Mary Waite [Richard-l, Thomas-2, Thomas-3], 1709-Aug 1712
      g. Elizabeth Waite [Richard-1, Thomas-2, Thomas-3], 21 Feb 1714-20 
         May 1725.  Elizabeth was unmarried.
      h. Joseph Waite [Richard-1, Thomas-2, Thomas-3], 25 Nov 1715-? m
         Margaret Beckwith
      4. Sarah Waite [Richard-1, Thomas-2, Thomas-3],
         13 Jul 1717-10 Mar 1759 in Canaan CT 
      i. Mary Waite [Richard-1, Thomas-2, Thomas-3], 6 Dec-1718-7 May 1743.
      j. Phebe Waite [Richard-1, Thoms-2, Thomas-3], 1723-1726

Sarah Waite [Richard-1, Thomas-2, Thomas-3]
4. Sarah married Simon Tubbs on 8 Dec 1736 at Lyme, CT. Simon was married the second time on 10 Aug 1759 to Lidiah (aka Lydia) Marvin by whom his last two children, Lidiah (aka Lydia) 21 Aug 1760-? and Betsy 14 Sep 1765-?, were born. Lidiah was the widow of Nathan Marvin who died 15 Mar 1755. She was the daughter of John and Joanne Tilletson Lewis. Lydia died 3 Oct 1791.

Sarah is buried in the Lower Cemetery in Canaan, CT. Lydia is buried near Simon in the Lower Cemetery in Canaan, CT.

The following information about Sarah Waite comes from "The Michael Shoemaker Book" by Williams T. Blair, International Textbook Press, Scranton, PA, 1924, pp. 659-670.


Some of the children of Simon and Sarah Waite Tubbs are (order of birth not known to writer) are a. Nathan Tubbs, b in New Salem Parish, near Lyme, CT-? m Elizabeth Earle. Nathan served in the Revolution and was at Valley Forge. Nathan and Elizabeth are direct ancestors of Betty Lichty, author of this Web Page. b. Thomas Tubbs, ? in New Salem parish near Lyme, CT-? c. Elizabeth Tubbs, ? in Litchfield Co., CT or in the parish of New Salem near Lyme, CT and m in Canaan, Litchfield Co, CT to David Woodward. d. Andrew Tubbs living in Canaan, Litchfield Co., CT in 1796 e. Simon Tubbs, Jr 16 Jan 1756 in Canaa, Litchfield Co, Ct-2 Apr 1824 in Essex, Chittenden Co, VT. Simon Tubbs was one of General George Washington's bodyguards.

Mr. Mandeville gave the following references for this Waite Family Genealogy: New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. 7, p. 23; Vol 24, p. 33. Boston and Eastern Massachusetts, Cutter Watertown, Masachusetts, Henry Bond, p. 617

Information about Sarah Cutler's parents is found in Fulton-Hayden-Warner Ancestry in America, Clarence Ettienne Leonard, 1923, p. 384.